The Young Leaders Externship Advancement Programme (YLEAP-Australia) is one of the Centre for India Australia Studies’ flagship initiatives. YLEAP-Australia provides opportunities for students in India to undertake an internship in an Australia company or Government Department.

To date, a number of Australian law firms and Federal Government Departments have agreed to host Indian students as interns during the university semester breaks.

"International Clerkship at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Melbourne".

JGLS student Tanushri More, participated in an International Clerkship at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Melbourne in July 2018

Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Melbourne is of the top law firms in Australia. I got the opportunity to intern with them in the month of July, 2018. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had at a law firm.

The people at the firm are welcoming and always enthusiastic to teach you and guide you through the whole process. In terms of the work experience, it was very good learning experience for me because I was involved with Data Protection and Privacy Laws, which is a completely niche field. I had an opportunity to attend client calls, draft clauses and agreements, research on Australian legal provisions etc.

This internship not only helped me hone my skills in various practice areas but it also helped me in developing the art of working with different people, different laws and a different jurisdiction. It was a very enriching experience for me.

"Internship at the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department, Canberra".

JGLS students Kuladeep Medasani, Ritwik Dwivedi and Pulkit Dhawan participated in an Internship at the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department, Canberra in December 2017

The highlight experience for me personally will be that of witnessing the ‘Marriage Equality Bill’ being passed in the parliament. Further, the question time at both the houses was an amazing experience, considering the gravity of several important issues that are being discussed during this period. Further, the visits to the Old and New Parliament, War Memorial and Royal Mint provided for a cultural insight into the Australian history.

Further, the work culture at the AGD is a great experience. While in India we work for comparatively longer work hours, the work life balance in here appears to be great. Being involved in the office meetings at OLSC as well as the Christmas parties shows the inclusive and welcoming nature of the people.

And finally, this internship program wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts taken by the people, both back in University and in the AGD. The effort of Prof. Shaun Star, in securing the internships for the students at Jindal, and the efforts by the AG department with similar enthusiasm proved to be a great success. I would like to thank the entire OLSC department, and particularly Maria Zeccola, for helping us through the internship program and for being supportive throughout.

"Internship at the Mitry Lawyer's, Sydney".

JGLS students Nirav Bakshi and Sakshi Singh participated in an Internship at the Mitry Lawyer's, Sydney July 2018