The CIAS engages with stakeholders from Australia and India to promote deeper ties and meaningful collaborations in the India Australia relationship. In essence, the six pillars on which CIAS rests its objectives are:

The CIAS increases awareness and discussion about the importance of the India-Australia relationship through public lectures, roundtables, publications and by encouraging Australian and Indian citizens to engage in the growing India-Australia discourse.

Student Mobility and Collaborative Initiatives:
The CIAS empowers, engages and educates students and young leaders in Australia and India through student mobility programs, internships, short courses, seminars and lectures.

Policy Dialogue:
The CIAS engages with Government and policy-makers to stimulate and shape discussion and debate on issues critical to the bilateral relationship.

The CIAS increases academic collaboration and research between Australia and India through academic exchanges, facilitation of research collaboration and the publication of multi-disciplinary and comparative research across different facets of India, Australia and the bilateral relationship.

Business Engagement and Innovation:
The CIAS works closely with Indian and Australian businesses looking for opportunities to enter or grow their commercial interests in the context of the growing economic relationship. The CIAS hosts programs for managers and executives from Australian companies wishing to further understand, engage, and embrace the commercial and / or knowledge transfer opportunities that India has to offer.